ZURAD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stacyjna 14
07-300 Ostrów Mazowiecka

KRS Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy
w Warszawie
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS,
NIP: 7591615138
Numer KRS: 0000211833

REGON: 551331204
BDO: 000003672
Kapitał zakładowy: 3.650.000,00 zł
Koncesja MSWiA: Nr B-043/2005

tel.:+48 29 64 42 610
fax.: +48 29 74 68 540
e-mail: sekretariat@zurad.com.pl



We design and manufacture containers and bodies for special tasks such as:


  •  securing the exchange of information and data,
  •  processing of secret information
  •  providing communication in command networks,
  •  protection from the effects of mass destruction weapon,
  •  proper safety of storage and document circulation
  • preparing, serving and eating meals in the field from 120 to 500 people.


The products are manufactured according to a 1C standard for 20-foot bodywork, enabling land, rail and marine transportation; cabin height lowered to 2138 mm for air transportation.


They are equipped with the following auxiliaries: air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices to ensure operation under the following conditions: from -30°C to +50 Celsius degrees C, keeping the temperature in the operating room within the range: from +15 to +30 Celsius degrees And the humidity < 80%

Exemplary completed projects : 


Command staff container










Field secret office










Container bodies








Container field casino

















Armored containers