ZURAD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stacyjna 14
07-300 Ostrów Mazowiecka

KRS Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy
w Warszawie
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS,
NIP: 7591615138
Numer KRS: 0000211833

REGON: 551331204
BDO: 000003672
Kapitał zakładowy: 3.650.000,00 zł
Koncesja MSWiA: Nr B-043/2005

tel.:+48 29 64 42 610
fax.: +48 29 74 68 540
e-mail: sekretariat@zurad.com.pl




In the field of production of professional electronics equipment:

  • production of cables and cable bundles,
  • testing of the products in our own mechanical-climate laboratory (temperature range -70°C to +90°C and humidity 98%)

Assembly, commissioning and testing of blocks and components, e.g. power blocks, distribution boards, power supply, connection boards, signal boards, filter boards.


  • power distribution block

 blok rozdziału zasilania


  • communication board

tablic łącznościtablica łączności


  • power supply connection board

     tablica przyłączy zasilania tablica przyłączy zasilania


  • electromagnetically tight door

drzwi szczelne elektromagnetycznie drzwi szczelne elektromagnetycznie


In the field of mechanical /plastic processing:

Detail machining

  • TIG, MIG, MAG (any materials),
  • surface treatment:
  • ball shooting and sandblasting,
  • wet and powder coating.
Plastic working
  • bending and shaping of metal sheets on AMADA and SAFAN edge machines
  • Milling, threading, engraving – Haas VF-8/50; Haas VF-4SS CNC milling machines
  • Turning, drilling, threading and milling – HAAS ST-20Y lathe






We also carry out/produce:
  • mechanical structures (including large dimensions) with increased accuracy, including ordinary steel, chromium-nickel and aluminum






Camouflage painting



Moreover, we offer services in the field of laser cutting of metal sheets – fiber optic technology, due to the innovative OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER machine.

We warrant:
  • high quality,
  • accuracy,
  • quick completion of an order.

Laser cutting of metal sheets in our company is a service intended for customers having the highest requirements.


ciecie laserowe


Technology: Fiber

The work table: 3000 x 1500 mm

Power: 4kW

Cutting of various materials:

  • copper – by the oxygen, max. up to 8 mm
  • brass – by the nitrogen, max. up to 8 mm
  • constructional steels – by the oxygen,         max. up to 20 mm
  • acid-resistant steel – by the nitrogen, max. up to 15
  • aluminum – by the nitrogen max. up to 15 mm

Fiber Fiber

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