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A few words about the VIDEORAPID 2 speedometer

Speedometer Videorapid 2 is a successor device Videorapid 1. Offered system writes the form of digital video sequences with high resolution.

           Videorapid 2


Speedometer Videorapid 2 is a modern measurement speed. It introduced a number of significant changes to improve the functionality and reliability of the device. One of the biggest achievements is used a computer made in the standard PC / 104 allowing the elimination of external recording devices. By using the modern system of recording MPEG-4, increasing the number of registered events and facilitated work on the processing of recorded material. In a fundamental way, it simplifies operation of the device and enables the documentation of events with a minimum 2 week work period. Another innovation is used of a wide range of cameras, depending on customer requirements, and in this camera resistant to blinding lights of an oncoming vehicle.

Most important functional parameters:

  1. the ability to work in a duplex system (simultaneous recording and playback)
  2. Used of camera, which is insensitive to blinding by oncoming cars; through it’s use of all the vehicles have a clear outline and license plates,
  3. preview the image being recorded.
  4. image registration and verbal comment (25 fps)
  5. playback of recorded video (normal speed, accelerated preview and frame by frame)
  6. control parameters camera operator (zoom, focus).

The device consists of 2 Videorapid:

  1. computer technology PC / 104,
  2. LCD monitor 8” TFT,
  3. video standard Camera PAL,
  4. microphone,
  5. pilot (device for remote system control),
  6. wiring to connect the individual modules of the system.

The information displayed on the screen:

  1. date,
  2. identifier,
  3. the distance at which section of the road is measured average speed,
  4. current time,
  5. frame counter,
  6. measuring time,
  7. distance measurement,
  8. average speed,
  9. momentary number of pulses from the vehicle speed sensor,
  10. own current speed.

Detailed technical data for download in PDF format, more ...,