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KRS Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS,
Numer KRS: 0000211833


Kapitał zakładowy:3.650.000,00zł
Koncesja MSWiA:Nr B-043/2005


tel.: +48 29 64 42 610
fax.: +48 29 74 68 540

A few words about a special container body (SCB)



Special Container Body (SCB), made in Tempest Technology. Ensures electromagnetic leakage in compliance with the requirements of NO-06-A201 class B1.

SCB meets the following requirements:

  • it is adapted for the processing of classified information,
  • made in accordance with the 1C standard for 20-foot bodies, which enables it to transport land, rail and sea, reduced cab height to 2138 mm also enables air transport,
  • power supply 400V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 5%, from power generator or industrial network,
  • it is equipped with auxiliary equipment: air conditioning, ventilation and heating to protect its work in conditions: from -30 to +50 degrees C, keeping the temperature in the interior of the range: from +15 degrees C to +30 degrees. C and humidity <80%,
  • it is additionally equipped with an internal combustion heater (for heating during transport) in order to shorten wintertime readiness,
  • has a filtered ventilation device to allow it to pass through the contaminated area or for short-term work,
  • has a pollution meter (radiometer), fire protection system with sensors.

To ensure the required electromagnetic leakage a number of innovations were made in the standard container construction, among others:

  • appropriate constructional solutions in the door and in the emergency manhole,
  • special ventilation openings and waveguide connection of external devices to their indoor units (air conditioner, filter fan, dryer),
  • filters that provide 100 dB attenuation of electrical signals.
Depending on client's requirements, SCB can be equipped with specialist electronics. Ergonomically positioned workstations ensure comfortable working conditions. When designing each bodywork all requirements of the customer are taken into account.

Transport SNK:

  • by airplanes,
  • on a four-ton transport vehicle platform,
  • on an external suspension by a transport helicopter,
  • unloading by crane or other mobile equipment.


Specjalne nadwozie kontenerowe