ZURAD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stacyjna 14
07-300 Ostrów Mazowiecka


KRS Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS,
Numer KRS: 0000211833


Kapitał zakładowy:3.650.000,00zł
Koncesja MSWiA:Nr B-043/2005


tel.: +48 29 64 42 610
fax.: +48 29 74 68 540

A few words about the history of the Establishment

ZURAD Sp. z o.o. in its present legal and organizational form, it was established on June 7, 2004 on the basis of the assets of the Radiation Equipment Department "ZURAD", which is part of the RADWAR "S" Center for Scientific and Technological Electronics Production. The Company is located in the city of Ostrów Mazowiecka. In the beginning of 1963, two mechanized departments were set up to produce parts and components for the products manufactured by the RAWAR WZR. .


In 1964 in Zawistach Dzikie near Małkinia - assembly department was set up - manufacturing electronic components, mainly for marine navigation radars. This department was subordinated to the Plant in Ostrow Maz. The 1960s was primarily the production of components for the "RAWAR" WZR and production of propaganda cars based on the STAR 25.


In 1974, the most important event in the Department's development was the production and launch of the first vehicle speedometer, which was MIRADO - 732. In the years 1976 - 78 the Filial Branch gained independence. The "ZURAD" Radiocommunication Plant is part of the RADWAR Center for Scientific and Technological Electronics Production.


In 1977 the production of the new speedometer SRD 77 began at the ZURAD Plant.


In 1978 the Patent Office registered the word trademark "ZURAD". Specialties of the Plant become components for radar equipment.

Year 1983 - the beginning of independent production of marine navigation radars. On 6 September 1983, the first marine radar made in ZURAD was certified by the Polish Ship Register.

1980 - 1990 was a period of continuous development of the Department, specializing in the production of radar equipment: radar speed meters SRD 77 and SRD 87 marine navigational radars SRN 300 and SRN 700. Radars of this type were exported to many countries of the world and a good showcase of the electronics industry And our company.

In the first half of the nineties a few new products were created, including:

  • RUBIN field-based ballistic missile for artillery,
  • RAPID 1A gun radar for Police,
  • Street speed radar "URWP-1",
  • a range of products intended to protect property - among others. Suitcases, suitcases and suitcases equipped with alarm systems and shock systems.

In 1997, the plant was certified by the ISO-9002 Quality Assurance System. At the end of the nineties, works on new works of:

  • the development of modern digital radar for speed measurement of motor vehicles type FOTORAPID, developed modern indicators for radar navigation WRR "15" and "20"
  • the RAPID 1 radar road radar has been upgraded, resulting in the RAPID-2Ka radar speed gauge.

The years since 2000 have been characterized by restructuring measures, including employment restructuring, aimed at adapting the organizational structure of the Department to the level of production potential and employment to current needs related to the size of the business.

Year 2003

In 2003 the plant won the tender for the delivery of 39 sets of FOTORAPID speed control system and 170 masts for the Police Headquarters. In recent years, the mines have been implemented:

  • TEMPEST containers,
  • VIDEORAPID1 speedometer,

An important position in the commercial offer is occupied by industrial services, mainly in the field of mechanical processing. In December 2003, the Polish Register of Shipping conducted a revitalization audit, which resulted in the establishment of the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001: 2000. In autumn 2003 at the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce Radar Speed ​​Control System "FOTORAPID" received the "Defender" award for distinctive technical solution for state defense and security equipment.

Year 2004

This is another year of structural change in ZURAD. In June there is a change in the status of the company - ZURAD is a limited liability company.

Year 2005

The Radar Speed ​​Meter Rapid 2Ka and Radar Vehicle Speed ​​Control System "FOTORAPID" have been modernized. In the autumn of 13th edition of MSPO in Kielce another award is given to the "VIDEORAPID 1" Control Speedometer. Work on the construction of the Container Field Casino. In August 2005, the plant obtains concessions for the pursuit of economic activities in the production and marketing of military or police-oriented products and related technologies.

Year 2006

New product - Radar Vehicle Speed ​​Control System "PHOTOTAPID C". The characteristics of the new safety camera are: a color image, a camera with a resolution of 4.2 million. Pixeli, distinguishing between passenger cars and trucks.

Economic success is the winning tenders for 50 speed cameras FOTORAPID C and 250 pieces of masts and 2kpl. Field Container Casino.

Year 2007

A new design of the Digital Speed ​​Controller "VIDEORAPID 2" is emerging. The main advantages of the device are: compact design, digital video and audio recording with MPEG 4 compression, night vision and shockproof cameras, instant access to recorded material, high reliability. Obtaining AQAP 2110: 2110 certificate and ISO 9001: 2000 certificate issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation. Military equipment in another Container Field Casino

Year 2008

The plant obtains the Industrial Safety Certificate II.