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KRS Sąd Rejonowy dla Warszawy w Warszawie
XIV Wydział Gospodarczy KRS,
Numer KRS: 0000211833


Kapitał zakładowy:3.650.000,00zł
Koncesja MSWiA:Nr B-043/2005


tel.: +48 29 64 42 610
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A few words about the FOTORAPID CM speedometer

We have pleasure to give to you the instrument for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic FOTORAPID CM produced by our factory. The constant and painstaking work on the implementation of new technologies has resulted in a device that can be successfully used in the daily work of the police forces. The design and functionality of the instrument fully meet the demands of this type on devices specifically identified in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 9 November 2007 on requirements to be met by instruments for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic and the detailed scope of examinations and checks carried out during legal control metrological these measuring instruments (OJ No 225 of 2007, item. 1663). Speed ​​camera Fororapid CM has a decision on the approval issued by the President of the Central Office of Measures No. 151/2008 ZT extension of VMS 4/2009.

The proposed speed camera you FOTORAPID CM:

  1. performs color images with a resolution of 10.2 megapixels to 12,
  2. recognizes the direction of traffic -registers vehicles approaching and receding, (vv. function can perform simultaneously in both directions),
  3. distinguishes between passenger cars and lorries, (it is possible to set different speed limits and thresholds of photo registration separately for cars and trucks),
  4. record events by day and by night,
  5. have automatic adjustment of permitted nighttime speed settings,
  6. records the statistics and in particular numbers of passing vehicles, the numbers of vehicles in excess of the permitted speed.

The speed camera Fotorapid CM is designed for remote transmission of information while simultaneously recognizing registration numbers (ANPR). It has a specialized program for the processing of recorded photo material, which allows to improve the quality of photos.

Speed Camera Fotorapid CM is available in below mention complete:

  1. mobile tripod based version,
  2. mobile version for container,
  3. mobile version for car,
  4. stationary version.