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Kapitał zakładowy:3.650.000,00zł
Koncesja MSWiA:Nr B-043/2005


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A few words about the FOTORAPID CF speedometer

Speed Cameras FOTORAPID CF is a device for measuring vehicle speed in traffic with the simultaneous recording of permitted speed limits to ensure unambiguous identification of the vehicle whose speed was measured. The device provides the identification of the lane to which the measured vehicle is moving and the photographic documentation, with the option of recording movie sequences of the event. A completely new xenon flash (red, orange or IR) is used to provide the perfect illumination of the cab of the vehicle at the same time lower than other competing power solutions (80J - 100J) and flash length (less than 1 ms). The device is equipped as standard with a color camera or IR 4Mpix. One of several other cameras available may also be used. For maximum image quality, digital cameras with 1 "or 2/3" (IR or color) transducers are used. Cameras of 4, 5, 8 or 16 megapixels with 12 or 14 bit converters can be used. Cameras are capable of performing at least 15 images per second (up to 25) in full resolution. The device provides video preview of the Traffic event. The device allows full bit depth to be used to ensure very good readability of the driver's face and the license plate (full information included in the 12 or 14 bit image). The device is capable of measuring at least 4 lanes at the same time without changing settings or configurations. Range of radar beam 50m to 150m (depending on object). Microwave power of ~ 90mW <100 mW EIRP. Provides unambiguous identification of the lane on which the vehicle is located (narrow beam and vehicle distance from the radar antenna). The device is able to identify the type of vehicle, ie passenger, truck, and motorcycle, on the basis of the vehicle's registration (eg other limits for passenger vehicles and trucks may be used). In comparison to its predecessor the measuring range of 20-320 km / h has been improved. The device is also capable of recording vehicles moving below 20km / h.

Technical data:

  • operating frequency: ISM 24.00-24,20 GHz (K)
  • recognizes the direction of the vehicle: records the oncoming and outgoing vehicles, (the above function can be performed simultaneously for both directions)
  • measuring range: 20-320 km / h
  • measurement accuracy:
    • ±2 km/h (do 100km/h)
    • ±2 % (over 100 km/h)
  • work on min. 4 lanes at the same time
  • lane identification
  • kmeasuring angle: 22 ° for vehicle direction, radar beam width: 12 °
  • radar range 50m-150m (depending on vehicle area)
  • high resistance to interference (including jams) by detailed analysis of measurement data
  • advanced algorithms to identify incorrect measurements (reflections, interference attempts)
  • image resolution: 4, 5, 8 or 16 Mpix (color or mono-IR)
  • recording speed (video): 15-25 fps
  • tamper protection
  • control: touch screen or remote connection (native or SWD - full configuration)
  • operating temperature range: -20 ° C - 60 ° C (transport version), -30 ° C - 60 ° C (stationary version)
  • power supply: 12V DC (transport and trip version), 230V AC (stationary)
  • reduced weight and dimension of the device, improved functionality

The Fotorapid CF is designed for remote data transfer with the simultaneous recognition of registration numbers (ANPR). It has a specialized program for the processing of recorded photo material, which allows to improve the quality of photos.